‘Shinymetalheart’ by One Million Fuzztone Guitars

A stormer from the ‘Back to Rock Your World’ sessions, dig that FUZZ! Big Jake.


20th Century Box by One Million Fuzztone Guitars

Four live takes from the 20th Century Box Sessions, featuring the (in Jim’s opinion) greatest version of ‘Blue Baby’, clocking in at just under 11 minutes! Big Jake.

‘The Rise And Fall Of The Sound Of Music’ by One Million Fuzztone Guitars!

It’s 1982 and it’s those crazy cats from OMFTG again, with a typically abandoned traditional Nottingham folkloric tale of Sex, Religion, Elvis, Nazis and Jim Morrison. Somehow this insanity managed to form the basis of their live sets for the next year. How Jim loved ‘Frogman’, said it was his favourite track ever, used to sing it in the bath, should have been a hit. Right, who’s gonna be Julie Andrews? Big Jake.

One Million Fuzztone Guitars ‘Rock Section’, The Graveyard Sessions, 19th August 1981

Ditching conventional rock in favour of stripped down stylophone based electronica Skin Patrol become One Million Fuzztone Guitars in ‘The Graveyard’ Studios in August 1981. Although only their self-penned originals can be featured here, the session also included (in Jim’s opinion), the ultimate version of the Doors’ ‘Five to One’, featuring Andrew on a classic vocal delivery over threatening minimalism, a haunting version of ‘Mack The Knife’ and two versions of what would become a live set favourite, ‘I Wanna Come Back (From The World of LSD). Take me back! Big Jake.

One Million Fuzztone Guitars ‘King Of Rock’ (The Radio Trent Sessions) 1984

The unreleased 1984 follow up to ’26’ with the exception of ‘Rumour of Warm Blue’ that formed part of the Radio Trent Compilation LP. Featuring radical reworkings of One Million Fuzztone Guitars’ first single ‘Annuese’ and the Colours Out of Time classic ‘Mambo Girls Mambo’. Here in both their full stereo psychedelic glory and mono radio broadcast versions! Big Jake.

Skin Patrol Live at Shades, Nottingham, Monday 16th January 1978

Pushing the sonic envelope beyond all rational limits this is Skin Patrol Mark 1 at their VU best, in fact it reminds me of a Velvets/Yardbirds bootleg that Jim bought at Camden Market way back. Insane but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Feel the fear and do it anyway, surf that wave of sound! Richard Elgood (Vocals), Robert ‘Lou’ Courtney (Guitar), Andrew Dickinson (Bass), Andrew Turnbull (Lead ‘Johnny Thunders’ Guitar), Leon was meant to be on Drums but as you hear here walked out an hour before the gig to be hastily replaced by the wonderful Bob Fawcett of the excellent Some Chicken who played this with no rehearsal, never having heard it!. Big Jake