Landslide by Vortex Patrol

Vortex Patrol Landslide 040

What ended up as the ‘Everything’s Happening’ LP was originally destined to be the next One Million Fuzztone Guitars album, but when it became clear that was not going to happen (because they did not want to come out to play) became Landslide by Vortex Patrol. The band name was suggested for us by Jim Morrison in the ‘Rock Section’ seances.
Later remixed with live drums and released as ‘Everything’s Happening’ by Robert Courtney this early version features two ‘lost tracks’ that did not fit (due to space constraints) on the finished LP (should have been a double).

Hope you like it.

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Big Jake.

Listen to it here:


20th Century Box



All live takes from the 20th Century Box Sessions, featuring the (in Jim’s opinion) greatest version of ‘Blue Baby’, clocking in at just under 11 minutes!
Big Jake.

All songs by Robert Courtney.
Robert Courtney (Vocals), Big Jake (Sound FX and Synth), Mad Dog (Earthed guitar lead through effects pedals), Rock Section (Drums).

20th Century Box, full album now available, listen here: