‘Country Rock’ the final One Million Fuzztone Guitars session

Another one unearthed from the Vaults of Rock.

As far as we can figure out, the final recorded session of One Million Fuzztone Guitars. Let us know if you know different. Three country rock tracks with a tinge of psychedelia. Brother Dave Robbins gets the cover shot for obvious reasons. Pull up that chair on the veranda, pour yourself a glass of Jack D and enjoy.

Big Jake

Recorded some time in late 1984?


New release – The Day

The Day Final
A compilation of early demos from 1985 for One Million Fuzztone Guitars that ended up becoming the templates for the first “Everything’s Happening” studio sessions.

released May 19, 2016

Music & Lyrics by Robert Courtney
Robert Courtney: Vocals, 12 String Guitar, 12 String Fuzz Guitar, 12 String ‘Bass’ Guitar.

Listen to The Day at Bandcamp