Skin Patrol – ‘Rock Section’ live in Derby 1978

skinpatrol 1400 72

Supporting the awful band Fashion in Derby, a very early, maybe the first version of Rock Section live from 1978, a two song gig then off to hospital, though I must admit the injury and destruction was down to us, the audience were quite polite considering. Part two of a 2 track set, once the P.A. had been rebuilt following their rendition of ‘Riot On Sunset Strip’, “Do you want to do some more?”.

Big Jake.

The last ever Skin Patrol Session 19 August 1981

131 Rehearsal

So the legendary 131 gig tape is a mangled up basket case of analogue technology with Rock Section missing, but there is a tape of the rehearsal for that gig which is here. Two minute agit-prop gems that got them into so much trouble that the group was banned as ‘not in the public interest’, well let’s let the public be the judge of that. So this is the day before the gig as described in the novel ‘131’, a set run through, and what a run through it is. As relevant today as it was then.

Being only recently discovered there is also the first drum machine version of Rock Section at the end when Steve went home to pack for his forthcoming adventures. So in the absence of the gig version I ask you to just use your imagination, (Jim thought this sounded like Schoolly D) it did have real drums live by the way.

The same day (19 August 1981) Skin Patrol recorded 90 mins of new tracks but that is for another day……

Don’t be dumb, be RADICAL.

Big Jake.


released June 22, 2017

‘Planting a Tree’ – One Million Fuzztone Guitars, Live 1983

Dusting off their copies of ‘Rock and Roll Animal’ and ‘Funhouse’, One Million Fuzztone Guitars take to the Persian carpeted stage of the Newshouse in Nottingham for a Hard Rock work out of old favourites and the new, never before released ‘Planting A Tree’, the only live recording we think.

Play it Loud!

Big Jake


released June 22, 2017

One Million Fuzztone Guitars – ‘Live At Rock City’ 1984

One Million Fuzztone Guitars Live at Rock City 1984 12 72

One Million Fuzztone Guitars on top form in 1984, showcasing their recently recorded Radio Trent Session tracks and b-sides of the two singles. Desk Mix. ‘Tis a pity that they did not play ‘Rock Section’ at this one but the insane version of ‘Creepy Crawl’ surely makes up for it!

Only the end of Annuese exists as far as we know.

Cover is taken from the original photocopy and Letraset cassette version.

DIY rules, Jim was crap with a hammer though.

‘This could be the last time……’

Big Jake

Listen here……