‘Planting a Tree’ – One Million Fuzztone Guitars, Live 1983

Dusting off their copies of ‘Rock and Roll Animal’ and ‘Funhouse’, One Million Fuzztone Guitars take to the Persian carpeted stage of the Newshouse in Nottingham for a Hard Rock work out of old favourites and the new, never before released ‘Planting A Tree’, the only live recording we think.

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Big Jake


released June 22, 2017

‘Psychedelic Dog’ the new album from Courtney Bourne!

Psychedelic Dog, recently unearthed like an LSD laced bone, featuring 10 tracks of sun drenched experimentalism. Dark journey, a ‘Rock Section’ reference, haunts my brain to this day, Jim, where are you when we need you?
Big Jake

Recorded on 25th June 1993

Released May 22, 2017

All tracks by Robert Courtney and Phil Bourne
Robert Courtney – Bass, Guitar & Roland Synthesizer
Phil Bourne – Guitar & Synthesizer (Wasp?)
Rock Section – Drums
Big Jake – Live Mixing
Mad Dog – Effects

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‘No Rock’ by ‘The Sands Of Time’

Sands Of Time

Finally, after 24 years, the release our very own ‘Metal Machine Music’,

‘No Rock’ by the secretive ‘Sands Of Time’ an early version of the AKF, was recorded in an undisclosed location with a Pink Floyd connection in one misty morning in 1993.

Two compositions, 1.Valhalla 2. Merlin.

The two halves of the Division Bell heads were used as a Binaural recording platform for the performance.

Say yes to No Rock!

No instruments were harmed in the making of this recording.

Big Jake


released May 10, 2017

Robert Courtney – Makita Palm Random Orbital Sander
Big Jake – Bosch Single Speed Palm Random Orbital Sander
Mad Dog – Sealey Air Palm Orbital Sander
Rock Section – Black and Decker DN41 Sander

Amplification by HH ELECTRONICS and Marshall.

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‘Everything’s Happening’ Session Two Demos and Lost Tracks – ‘She Drinks The Wine’

More early demos plus lost tracks from 1984 for One Million Fuzztone Guitars that ended up becoming the templates for the second “Everything’s Happening” studio sessions.

Big Jake

Released May 9, 2017

Music & Lyrics by Robert Courtney
Robert Courtney: Vocals, 12 String Guitar, 12 String Fuzz Guitar, 12 String ‘Bass’ Guitar.

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Radio on Berlin Presents One Million Fuzztone Guitars / Skin Patrol


Radio on Berlin Presents guests Oyasumi live and sessions from Dub Syndicate, One Million Fuzztone Guitars / Skin Patrol and selector DJ Smart Monkey Radio-on-berlin

Radio Berlin

Monday 29 June 2015 at 20:00 – The Wirebender presents On the Mix


Previously unseen photographs of One Million Fuzztone Guitars at The National Theatre, Southbank, London 1983.

Previously unseen photographs of One Million Fuzztone Guitars at The National Theatre, Southbank, London 1983.

"And he dressed that guitar like a mutha!"

One Million Fuzztone Guitars live at The National Theatre, Southbank, London 1983.

“Handsome, debonair, and weird. Some times I’d think “this is way too weird, I wish they had one less fuzz-tone guitar”, and then another night I’d be thinking “damn this is normal, can’t they get another fuzz-tone guitar”. On reflection, I think you nailed it!” Dave Sketchley

Thank you Andrew Dickinson for finding the photographs!

We just need to find the tape and the film……..Big Jake.

The Rock Cemetery and the Archdruid’s Private Cell.

Rock Cemetery

‘Robin Hood’s Cave or Stables located within the site of the Church (Rock) Cemetery- Photo Credit: Joe Earp

Rev. George Oliver and Nottingham’s Druid Temple.  Edwin Patchitt was the man who designed the Rock Cemetery. This is where Skin Patrol used to go to write songs after gigs around the time of the ‘Rock Section’ seances. He and his family are buried in quite an elaborate family plot. The location of the tomb is exactly positioned in what Oliver described as being the ‘arch druid’s cell’.